A Few New ACEO's

As I explore my PanPastel palette, I am finding that looking at different parts of our country affords me ample opportunities to use my lovely russet colors!  I'm enjoying learning to work with clouds and scenes that don't have an obvious focal point.  Can't help but love it!

Loving my ACEO's and PanPastel!

Homeward Bound

I am love, love, loving ACEO'S and PanPastel.  It is truly becoming a wonderful obsession.  I'm learning a lot about what people love as well.  I started experimenting with selling on ebay. Dolphins, pandas, and koalas are an almost instant sell!  Who knew?  I'm having fun with experimenting with different styles and subjects and it's just about .... well ... playtime.  I guess I'm not posting here very regularly as I'm at my table painting so much!  

I'll make more of an effort to post, so those of you who have graciously subscribed will find a bit more in your inbox  (reader!).  

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