New Camera! Woo-Hoo!

indiana lakeshore aceo

I'm so excited!  I finally found a camera that seems to do a much better job of taking photos of my artwork.  That's important to me for several reasons.  I want my pictures to look as accurate as possible on this blog.  I'm toying with the idea of opening either a Zibbets or a Storenvy online store so I can actually market some of my ACEO's.  

I'm working on getting materials together for an Arts and Crafts in the middle of November.  I'm having fun making more winter and Christmas oriented items.  I had no idea how complicated getting things together for a show would be though!

The photo for this post is "Indiana Lakeshore."  I am blessed to live at the southern tip of Lake Michigan and some of the scenery is fantastic.  I'm finding I really enjoy water/sky scenes. But I'm certainly not narrowing down to any one category of  yet!

I should be posting some of my show items and show information soon!

Till next time!

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